Happy Chinese New Year!

Welcome the Year of the Dog 2018

The Year of the Dog 2018 is a time for progress. Do you have projects on hold? This is the perfect year to get those projects / goals done! Hang in there, as It will require perseverance and small steps for growth this year.

For those who have had a Feng Shui consultation with me, it’s time to update your Feng Shui remedies for this year. In the meantime, you can throw away the old salt cure(s) and place a new one in the North to neutralize any less than excellent energy coming from that direction. Forgot how to do the salt cure? Contact me and I will remind you 🙂

Virtual / Phone Consultations are also available.


Did You Know?

Citrine has the potential to enhance different areas of our lives? It is also one of very few crystals that are self clearing.
1. Wealth, Prosperity & Abundance
2. Creativity & Joy
3. Provides a sense of stability & emotional balance.


Looking to enhance Prosperity in your life this year?
Put a piece or several citrine crystals in the Southeast sector and/or
your Wealth & Prosperity area of your home/office.
Citrine is known to be a Merchant Stone thought to help attract and maintain wealth.

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