Joy Bracelet


A perfect compliment to go with the Joy Aromatherapy Spray!

  • Aquamarine – A great stone to promote joy and playfulness, Aquamarine can help one to be in touch with their spiritual being. While it has been called “Water of the Sea”, because of its color, Aquamarine is most powerful as a meditation stone, as it brings a great peace and serenity. Some people can meditate on an Aquamarine to receive the wisdom to see the truth.
  • Citrine – Called “the stone of the mind” by ancient cultures, this stone has been said to increase psychic power. It promotes joy and love.
  • Amethyst – A great stone for meditation and healing as it has the power to focus energy. Amethyst is a great harmonizing stone and purifies energies.
  • Rose Quartz – This is the Universal stone of love – unconditional love. It will radiate warmth, comfort, love and joy.
    Spray with the Joy Aromatherapy Spray.

Disclaimer: The above information is not a claim for healing, prescriptions or healthcare information.